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Synonyms for well-founded

Synonyms for well-founded

based on good judgment, reasoning, or evidence

Synonyms for well-founded

based on sound reasoning or evidence


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Ye also argues that, even if the adverse credibility determination stands, he established a well-founded fear of future persecution.
In their view the resultant duty on refugee claimants to rebut a presumption of state protection is at odds with the duty of the applicant to show no more than a "well-founded fear" of being persecuted.
The OSP's certification read: This is to certify that, based on records, a preliminary investigation was conducted in this case, that there is sufficient ground to engender a well-founded belief that the crime charged was committed and that the accused are probably guilty thereof.
The peloton had been fraught with anxiety about what was to come on the North Sea coast of Holland - and their worries proved well-founded.
Memories are long among striking miners and well-founded grudges are hard to shake off.
Well-founded trees and well-founded tree decompositions as defined in [1] will be central later on:
Carter * The Donald Rumsfeld Scale of epistemology, established post-9/11, famously stretches from "known knowns" to "unknown unknowns." "Known unknowns," however, occupy the median zone of well-founded anxiety brought on not by being "in possession of all the facts"--the condition of paranoia as wryly defined by William S.
He has received a response from the Vatican, in which the archbishop tasked with overseeing Catholic education admitted Blatty's concerns were "well-founded" (ibid).
Fears Ebola could soon spread to these shores appear well-founded, and it is essential every precaution is taken.
And the well-founded worries of the public, businesses and serving frontline police officers can only mount because further cuts are looming in the pipeline.
Now it seems, many of those protests were well-founded. A series of emails reveal the police were advised they had no basis on which to impose such rigid regulations.
And it's no wonder - recent tragedies show the fears in south Kerry are well-founded.
"And the results suggest their concerns are well-founded, as there are clearly too many motorists who believe they can flout the speed limits with impunity."
Kiraly said, 'I can see an increasing likelihood that the central bank's decisions may become not necessarily well-founded and mistaken, for which I don't wish to take any responsibility, neither as a deputy governor, nor as a member of the monetary policy council.'
The IMF board said the Malian government's economic program was well-founded and described a resumption of aid from donors "critical" to the economic recovery of Mali.