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Synonyms for well-found

having a full array of suitable equipment or furnishings

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Those doubts proved well-found 23 days later when the Ottawa Citizen revealed the real reason for this colonel's trek to the nation's capital--to quietly receive his promotion to brigadier-general.
"Within a two-month period, we have delivered 1,500 closed loans to Countrywide using Well-Found Decade's InvestorExpress solution.
When such agencies accredit distant learning programs that have major weaknesses, they tend to threaten the existing well-found educational programs with something that has no semblance of real learning value.
Marlowe would not have far to go to find company, and the place was well-found and clean.
With a well-found boat that is tough enough to survive breaking waves and knockdowns, could the non-stop journey be the safer one?
Shawcross' brother-in-law was a farmer in a fair way of business, the house was comfortable and well-found, and Nick began to doubt that his companion would favour the enterprise.
Hefcw will be engaging actively with heads of institutions to explore specific proposals consistent with the well-found, sustainable and powerful collaborations envisaged in the Minister's statement.'