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conforming to the rules of grammar or usage accepted by native speakers


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In superb condition, the .500-caliber smoothbore pistols are nicely engraved, feature well-formed, checkered walnut stocks and twist-pattern barrels.
Only then do we have a well-formed and firm body shape, and training fascia is the only consistent way to get rid of cellulite, bat wings, and a flabby bottom.
A romantic word is one that has a well-formed Roman numeral embedded within it.
Characters are well-formed and authentic, although there are times when the eighth graders seem older than their years.
The plan already is well-formed, and will soon enter the signature-gathering phase of the process that could lead to a public vote next year.
The fact that the production is able to bring to life a whole host of well-formed and completely different characters with their own personalities and quirks with just so few performers shows off their brilliant talent and versatility.
A totally absorbing, sensitive coming-of-age story, beautifully written capturing the deep, well-formed characters and drawing the reader into the atmosphere.
(1,4,7) The cells lack well-formed apical mucin caps, which is a useful feature to differentiate PGAs from gastric foveolar-type adenoma (Figure 1, B).
Packing winds exceeding 200 kilometers per hour, the storm swirled about a well-formed eye that Cristoforetti's crewmate Terry Virts compared to "a black hole from a sci-fi movie." The typhoon killed five people and caused extensive damage in the Federated States of Micronesia.
The company reports that CAAT 3.17 delivers powerful, relevant results from well-formed conceptual searches and shorter phrases.
Through unfussy language and well-formed characters, Howard takes readers of all races, ages and classes into the world of pre-civil rights era black people, offering insight on and understanding of one of our country's most tumultuous periods.
Overall I think the market is well-formed with the winner coming from the top two and at current odds I'll take the 6/1 on Koyal to be crowned another winner for India.
Qualifications*** - University degree in journalism or related field- Previous writing experience in print and online journalism, with clips demonstrating a strong aptitude for reporting, writing, accuracy and attention to detail - In-depth knowledge of Egyptian current affairs - Ability to recognize trends and translate them into a well-formed articles - Strong English-language writing skills - -- Strong oral communication skills - Strong research skills - Ability to cultivate contacts - Ability to work as part of a team and take direction from editors - Ability to travel within the country and abroad - Excellent time management skills to balance short-term and long-term writing assignments -Fluency in Arabic preferred***
When harvesting, cut the spears (flower shoots) when they are well-formed but before the small flower buds have opened.
"It seems to have more well-formed forearm muscles that were used for climbing, fine-manipulation and all sorts of behaviour."