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Synonyms for well-fixed

enjoying steady good fortune or financial security

Synonyms for well-fixed

in fortunate circumstances financially

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Cement-in-cement revision using a long-stem prosthesis is feasible in elderly patients with a well-fixed cement mantle (19,20).
Sewing maven Amy Barickman cleverly adjusts the arithmetic of the old saying, so that "a stitch well-fixed makes six." The Magic Pattern Book (Workman, $22.95, 320 pages, ISBN 9780761171621)shows how just a half-dozen sewing patterns can be squared into 36 different styles, and then cubed into 216 unique looks.
He went on to explain that as 'a well-fixed position with an observatory', Arequipa was used as the origin for time signals sent in the calculation of longitudes.
Come on did he really think the guy needed those items and a well-fixed hairdo before work?
Sure enough, along comes Jason Taylor (Laz Alonso)--handsome, well-fixed, bougie ...
It is assumed that a well-fixed screw will help maintain a surgical reduction until fusion occurs (Dawson, 2003).
Automobiles that catch my eye in traffic are not the local hobbyist's antique rumbling down Route 41, nor the well-fixed retiree's luxury sedan cruising leisurely to IHOP's breakfast during rush hour.