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Synonyms for well-fed



Synonyms for well-fed

properly nourished

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It pumps blood less efficiently than the pyramid-shaped hearts of offspring with well-fed mothers (left).
Some well-fed water fleas were more infectious than others because they were able to survive for longer with the parasite, giving it more time to multiply.
Their study, published in the journal Biology Letters, found that some of the well-fed fleas also lived longer, giving them more time to multiply and spread infection.
Is this normal behavior for what looks like a well-fed fox?
In the last four days, I have witnessed your well-fed moggies raid the nests and rip apart the chicks of two different blackbird families and a song thrush and her chicks.
In a sign of his recovery, he is considered well-fed and has a good appetite.
Backbench councillors, whose humdrum lives rarely if ever revolve around gold-embossed invitations, will today be casting a jealous glance at the city's well-fed and watered political elite.
What pride do we have if soldiers cannot make ends meet, if they cannot be well-fed, if their families suffer, wonders Hristo Ivanovski for Dnevnik, adding that this conduct towards our army shows the true position of those that create the budget.
The Well-fed Writer--Financial Self-Sufficiency as a Commercial Freelancer in Six Months of
"The Well-Fed Writer: Financial Self-Sufficiency as a Commercial Freelancer in Six Months or Less" is a guide to breaking into the lucrative and flexible world of freelancing as a writer in commercial venues.
Once the sprouts have grown to around 1in (2.5cm), the seed potatoes can be planted into well-fed ground in early to mid-spring, when soil temperatures have reached around 6C (43F).
He describes preservation efforts and how they apply to elephants, rhinos, painted dogs, and the various species dubbed "bushmeat." He explores the national park system set up to keep animals and humans as happy and well-fed as possible, the trouble with well-meaning amateurs, and the need for continuous education about some of the most fascinating creatures in the world.
Liverpool was only ever a well-fed cash cow to George Gillett and Tom Hicks - and they will end up not milking itsriches but killing it off.
Chloe Anne--Force of Nature is the endearing true-life story of the self-assured, well-fed, and thoroughly beloved pet cat Chloe Anne, told directly from Chloe's point of view.
They want their guests to be well-fed, and guests enjoy that feeling of satiety.