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(of a woman's body) having a large bosom and pleasing curves

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In India, we are well-endowed and in South India, the girls are a little more well-endowed.
The ratings for Kansai Urban Banking are supported by its good earnings power and financial structure on the back of its well-endowed business area.
There were several millionaire Labour MPs in the Attlee government and I believe that there still are similarly well-endowed persons today - and no doubt Liberal Democrats MPs also.
Last year's renewal saw the aggregate and average fall by 40 per cent, leading to Goffs revamping its showpiece yearling sale and axing the Million programme with its associated well-endowed sales races.
The lawsuit indicates that Laughlin had plans to open a Twin Peaks Restaurant at the location, but discovered that Gmri was going to sell it to another franchisee of the restaurant concept, which highlights well-endowed women as waitresses.
The most populous Arab country is one of the Middle East's least well-endowed in energy reserves.
Berries are particularly well-endowed with a series of anthocyanins--the source of the berries' blue, purple and red pigments.
By August, you may find a well-endowed benefactress to refill your coffers.
Jonathan Clements' entertaining work is largely about the plotters behind the scenes, whose dynasty-arranging stratagems included faking the castration of a well-endowed favourite of the emperor's mother and then incarcerating the 'eunuch' in her palace, thus ensuring that she was too preoccupied to meddle in affairs of state.
Most well-endowed women, like Jessica Simpson and Salma Hayek, have grown to appreciate their curves, and you likely will, too, one day.
It must make the follicly well-endowed a little nervous.
More financially well-endowed institutions are approaching the problem by easing the cost burden on low-income students.
So I'm flipping the pages to get to 105 and I see's this well-endowed blonde with a "Bud" base ball cap on page 51, so I start reading that article, and it continues on page 112.
He envisioned the hereditarily well-endowed receiving official subsidies to reproduce; people whose reproduction was considered undesirable would stay celibate or else be considered "enemies to the state, and to have forfeited all claims to kindness."