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[USA] July 6( ANI ): Turns out, people are more likely to change jobs when they are younger and well-educated.
"We understand very well that only a healthy, happy, well-educated and well-paid workforce will enable Pakistan to attain its full social and economic potential, and this is what we are working towards with complete sincerity of purpose," the Prime Minister said.
The simple fact is, every student in this country needs and deserves access to the subjects that go into being a well-educated person.
"At the heart of this programme lies our three ambitions - to create a well, well-educated and wealthier Wales.
The heart of The Well-Educated Mind are the lists, covering six essential genres: fiction, autobiography, history, drama, poetry and science--arranged in that order, from the most familiar and comfortable (for most readers) to the most fear-provoking.
Those stuck on these rates tended to be less well-educated, less well-off, struggling financially, less likely to own their own home and have internet access and more likely to be disabled or a single parent.
Their goal was to deliver one central message to lawmakers--the health care of Marylanders depends on well-educated nurses.
None of that means that Oregon should expect to have a lot of well-educated baristas, or that workers can expect underemployment after finishing college.
WORKERS who are most happy in their professional life are likely to be well-educated women aged 40, working in a secure industry offering a good work/life balance, according to a new study.
While it's good to want a well-educated populace, it's very shortsighted for New Hampshire business folks to support Common Core There are three main reasons.
Summary: British Ambassador to Lebanon Tom Fletcher announced the launch of two alumni associations, both meant to "bring together some of the most talented and well-educated in Lebanon," according to an embassy statement.
High-income, well-educated consumers seem to be more likely than other consumers to buy private long-term care insurance (LTCI).
Growth in Cyprus is expected to resume in 2015, supported by a favorable international tax regime, a well-educated labor force and strong institutions IMF Communications Department Director Gerry Rice has said.
He praised the security education programme initiated by the police to assist in making the younger generation well-educated in security.