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(meat) cooked until there is no pink meat left inside

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A waiter who wished to remain anonymous reportedly said, "The president ordered a well-done steak.
GAVIN REES was hailed as being "tough as a well-done steak" after his dream of being a two-weight world champ was crushed by American Adrien Broner.
The illustrations are well-done, but this graphic novel is aimed more at reluctant readers than graphic novel enthusiasts.
I like the well-done cover article about Richard Branson and the Reporter's Notebook bonus feature on your website, although I wish the notebook would have been a bit longer.
At first glance, the book appears to be another well-done coffee table book covering the bombing offensive against Germany, but it is more.
Several epidemiological studies have shown a possible correlation between the consumption of well-done meats and different types of cancers in humans.
For medium/well and well-done steaks, I transfer the steak into a hot oven (200C), after sealing for 2' minutes on each side - four minutes for medium/well and six minutes for well-done.
Cook for a further 8-9 minutes depending on how well-done you like your egg.
Well-done as requested, it still retained not only its tenderness but juiciness as well.
A study presented in April at the American Association of Cancer Research meeting found that people who ate charred, very well-done steak were nearly 60 percent more likely to develop pancreatic cancer as those who ate it less well-done or not at all.
It's really how the meat was cooked and how well-done it is that matter.
Only Science News had short, well-done, interesting pieces on all different science areas.
But it is a very well-done job of its kind, and that's a rare, good thing these days.
Although several studies have linked a Western diet--including a high intake of red meat--to an increased risk of prostate cancer, a large prospective cohort study has narrowed the risk to well-done or very well done meat.
Patrick's Eve, we sauntered into an Irish bar downtown (Coley's, now long gone) for a pint, song and something well-done and soggy, as I recall.