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(meat) cooked until there is no pink meat left inside

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When choosing our cuts during a recent visit to World Cut Steakhouse, both my dining partner and I opted for them to be well-done. The friendly staff member didn't turn his nose up at the request, but politely informed us that one of the cuts might become too tough to eat once overcooked.
"Actually, in all seriousness, well-done England, well-done Australia; clarified everything, moved it on.
Elsewhere, one diner was adamant on having steak tartare served well-done. In an even more alarming instruction, another chef recalled a stomach churning demand from one group.
Officials on the tour will make sure the president will be served his favourite well-done steak and ketchup, as well as local dishes.
And in what could be an issue that brings bipartisan condemnation, the president ordered that fine piece of meat charred until it was well-done, while, of course, requesting some ketchup on the side. 
Two excellent new books join others in this publisher's new but blossoming publications for young readers, and are especially recommended for collections seeking well-done stories about diversity holding deep psychological messages.
SPA photographers have spotted well-done order, together with needy supplies at and in the vicinity of the three replicas, provided by the private sector.
CODY CLARK: As a professional magician with a one-man show about living with autism that tours fringe festivals, I must commend you all for a well-done article that is one of the most respectful towards the art of magic I've read in a long time!
On the thermometer screen, you can set the type of meat and whether you want your roast medium or well-done.
Action comes to life in a well-done audio presentation and the dual narrative style provides plenty of it here, making Alert a special recommendation for listeners who want high drama from their mysteries.
Also a big well-done to my granddaughter, Danielle Williams, who also ran the race.
Your blend of the old with the new is remarkable, with well-done articles, crafted by "well-done" old guys, in tandem with the astute younger bunch.
The unifying themes with all these diverse reads is that they appeared in Chelsea green works and they reflect a special kind of craft in writing that represents a well-done story no matter what the topic--and so it's recommended here, for literary readers and collections seeking exceptional, literary works.
| Covering meat in an antioxidant-rich marinade before grilling can reduce the potentially carcinogenic properties of even well-done meats.
"I want good books; I want well-done books," Ranchuk said.