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inclined to help or support

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While developers who have been stuck because of a planning issue may not feel particularly well-disposed towards the current system, it is useful to get another perspective on a debate which will end up shaping the future of all kinds of development right across the country.
Labour's manifesto itself, while being heavy enough to do some serious damage, is full of very vague commitments and things they wouldn't do - scrap free prescriptions and children's school breakfasts for example - while also containing many aspirations that amount to leaning on a UK Government not well-disposed to listening.
I thought the police were not going to be well-disposed to him.
Each sacrament's section starts with a passage from scripture as an introduction for as the CCC tells us "the Holy Spirit prepares the faithful for the sacraments by the Word of God and the faith which welcomes that word in well-disposed hearts.
Even those well-disposed towards the Skopje state probably hope that they are careful about any further plans for statues or renaming things.
BEING a dad seems to have made Derek well-disposed to the world and he's pleased to be playing a sympathetic and warmly paternal character in Five Days.
Fellow publishers, agents, editors and reviewers are well-disposed to our books, so whereas ten years ago we thought of that as a real stumbling block, it's not now.
DISY leader Nicos Anastassiades is reported to be well-disposed towards Vgenopoulos' plans, but other senior party figures still disagree with the idea of transferring executive powers from the CB Governor to its Board.
By moulding individuals with some sense of their own selfhood and capacity to choose," Martin wrote, "[Pentecostalism] may well be building up a constituency well-disposed to a capitalistic form of development.
It is a pity that it strikes a well-disposed reader as rather Panglossian: if this is not yet 'the best of all possible worlds', it has the capacity to become so if we all pull together and remember our duty to our fellow man.
Do that and he just might find enough people well-disposed enough to him to turn up and vote for him at the next election.
Although Croce was initially well-disposed toward a party that seemed to promise Italy a better political future, these sentiments, as Rizi notes, were "quite short-lived and full of reservations" (11).
37) Therefore, setting out in the Declaration of Independence the causes for the rebellion would in itself garner the assent of the rest of the well-disposed world.
Singapore's elder statesman Lee Kuan Yew has projected that Asia will become the world's largest economic region in 50 years, powered by China and India, and is well-disposed to achieving a giant trading bloc.