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having a full, voluptuous figure

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Station Manager Robbie MacDougall, the incident commander said: "On arrival, we were faced with a well-developed fire involving cylinders and machinery.
The main advantages of our country are its geographical position, the flat tax, which is very attractive to investors and, last but not least, the well-developed human resource in terms of language knowledge and IT training.
He noted that the exhibition involves countries with a high level of expertise in maritime defense industries, showcasing latest equipment and well-developed ships in the field.(end) nnd.ag
Businesses and organisations interested in applying for the funding must have well-developed capital projects that support the economic sectors the LEP wants the North East to specialise in: passenger vehicle manufacture; subsea and offshore technology; life sciences and healthcare; and creative, digital, software and technology-based services.
Our Muscat roadshow will focus on a wide range of opportunities available to investors interested in Iran, in particular our well-developed capital markets, as well as looking at the industries, sectors and asset classes likely to deliver the strongest returns in the longer term.
A central bank official in Ireland has said that the nation needs a well-developed rental market.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The chances to reach an agreement on Iranian nuclear issue during the upcoming world powers talks with Tehran are high, as the strategy of negotiations has been worked out thoroughly and well-developed proposals exist, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Saturday.
"GCC offers strategic advantages, such as availability of cheap energy and feedstock supply, low tax environment, well-developed infrastructure, growing population and increasing income levels, conducive for the development of various industries in the region," according to Sameena Ahmad, managing director, Alpen Capital.
This story of a damaged ex-soldier running a private eye business has strong, well-developed characters as well as a cracking mystery.
"Edwards is a technology leader with a well-developed structure and solid customer relationships in industries we know well.
Amongst the challenges is the lack of well-developed distribution channels, the lack of awareness and education on short term insurance to the public.
The technique, the first of its kind to use high-pressure chemistry for making well-developed films and wires of this particular kind of silicon semiconductor, will help scientists to make more efficient and more flexible optical fibers.
Newman University College is firmly focused on developing graduates with exceptional critical thinking skills and well-developed values who are able to make an impact in business.
The rating is based on the backing of ProbusinessBank, which sits at the centre of the LIFE group, and moderately well-developed market positions at the regional level.