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characterized by good organization and control

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The BNF was only able to identify a few well-conducted human trials, and said the findings of these were inconsistent.
"This well-conducted study confirms what many epidemiologists have suspected but few among the public have: light smoking creates a substantial risk for heart disease and stroke.
(See page 10.) Although there are many unfounded claims about the health effects of a wide variety of supplements, increasing evidence from well-conducted randomized trials and large epidemiologic studies demonstrates that certain items we ingest have therapeutic value for a variety of conditions.
At the 2017 European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases annual meeting, a well-conducted, randomized study with a large sample of patients was described regarding the effects of hypertonic saline.
What we still need are large, well-conducted trials in order to clarify the risks versus the benefits for this widely used treatment."
I assure all our readers that this recommendation is science-based and there are several well-conducted studies backing it up.
In this well-conducted but small study, participants were given commercially available whey, calcium caseinate and malto-dextrin powders to mix with sugar-free flavor concentrates.
Hundreds of testimonials for a home remedy on the internet may provide some assurance that it may help and probably won't hurt you, but evidence from a well-conducted scientific study is far preferable.
He highlighted this finding from what he considers a well-conducted German randomized, double-blind, multicenter clinical trial in his discussion of recent major developments in the field of adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
A meta-analysis of nine well-conducted clinical trials concluded that 240 milligrams (mg) per day of ginkgo is more effective than a placebo in treatment of dementia (Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences, 2015).
It is often said "One cannot generalize," "It lacks substance," "Few individuals are studied" and, even disparagingly, "This is very subjective." These criticisms have contributed to the evolution of qualitative research and highlight the rigor behind well-conducted studies.
So-called Uniform MDT (U-MDT: 6 months standardised treatment for all cases of leprosy) remains controversial, but the way forward can only be illuminated by well-conducted clinical trials, and we publish preliminary results from a trial in Bangladesh.
The research shows that a well-conducted start-up program for staff provides a better trained and resourced team.
As was shown in a well-conducted, 203-patient, randomized, prospective controlled clinical trial, a wound that hasn't met that threshold is unlikely to be healed at 12 weeks (Diabetes Care.