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I still find it hard to believe that, during a press conference, Zeffirelli called me well-built and said I had an 'inadequate' voice for the role of Violetta.
The man who was armed with the handgun was described as 6ft tall, well-built, wearing a balaclava, blue jeans, black gloves and a combat jacket.
While the residences are well-designed and well-built, the housing itself is only half of the MBS story.
It was three years ago that Meiwes placed an Internet ad seeking "a young, well-built man" willing to be eaten.
Nothing clever, just a well-built, attractive building.
It's a well-built, solid performer--a benchmark for all of our equipment.
The man was white, aged 35 to 40, well-built with short ginger hair and a goatee beard.
As well-built as it once was, without the protection of a sound roof the weather has taken its toll.
Johnny is a well-built, dark-haired, wildly attractive biker stud with a penchant for using crystal meth and for banging his stripper girlfriend, Julie (a.
Overall, the E-40 and E-90 deflashing machines are well-built and have a larger than average capacity with high throughput capability.
How could an expert like Bob, who has spent the past 37 years selecting well-built young women to photograph naked, have made such a blunder?
The arrival of airbags and other safety features, as well as well-built cars, have all helped reduce premiums.
As a brand, Lexus has great potential and its first luxury saloons were well-built and refined, but they had little else going for them.
Yet the Colorado study suggests tree planting is as essential to good development as storm sewers or well-built homes--in fact, that it is an ally of both.
According to Visiongain WAP is a relatively low risk for network operators and can assist with reducing churn as users become dependent on well-built customer profiles for information services.