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having a full array of suitable equipment or furnishings


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WELL-APPOINTED 105 Warkworth Woods, Newcastle Great Park.
Tidy handling, fine ride quality and comfortable, well-appointed interiors round off an excellent package.
NESTON's well-appointed Parkgate ground is to stage the Rosebud one-day cup match between Lancashire 2nd XI and Yorkshire 2nds on Monday, July 17 next season.
One day they are visited by a well-appointed gentleman, a Mr.
Emma, a lovable Golden retriever, and Wally, her tale-wagging West Highland cohort, are familiar sights around NBC's large, well-appointed headquarters.
But today, the elites drive Audis and BMWs, live in well-appointed high-rise apartment buildings and party into the night at karaoke clubs.
The new Nissan Pathfinder combines the best elements of both in a Tardis-like body - compact on the outside yet spacious inside the well-appointed cabin.
With 60 well-appointed private suites, the plan includes two 30-bed wings flanking the town center--one skilled nursing, and one skilled nursing with dementia care.
Television requires its performers to be well-coiffed, well-appointed, well-spoken, and .
There are now well-appointed stores in Toronto, Halifax, Calgary, London, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver, but a vast portion of total sales results from wide distribution of their premium-quality mail-order catalogues to people in remote spots like Sudbury and Spusm where the company has no stores.
By re-imagining the factory as a finishing school (with echoes of 1830s' Lowell), amenities such as women-only lunchrooms and well-appointed laboratories sought to transform she who had long been stigmatized as the factory girl into the woman "worker-as-prospective-wife.
Gaining new safety and security equipment, the Patrol GR's well-appointed interior has been upgraded and is now matched perfectly to the imposing exterior design.
Helms recited, lifelessly and without vivid detail, the usual litany of anti-UN complaints: bloated bureaucracy; sovereignty grabs; peacekeeping failures in Bosnia and elsewhere; pointless busybody conferences where well-appointed bureaucrats scratch their chins and tut-tut over huge, vague, ill-defined crises, from the environment to poverty to overpopulation to the status of women.
When Phil Gramm visited Louisiana this past July, he stopped off in Metairie, a well-appointed white-flight suburb of New Orleans, to woo local Republicans and plug a tough welfare-reform bill.
Amenities include a picnic area, lighted tennis courts, an oversized pool with sun deck and a well-appointed club house with exercise facilities.