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of or relating to a welfare state

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xvi) due to these welfarist grounds--if indeed achieving the greatest good for the greatest number is the normative foundation of the market--Posner and Weyl's unorthodox omission of any reference to choice or consent in their definition of a free market noted above (7) is only to be expected, and their suggested extensions of both a COST and QV, to which I now turn, seem called for.
"Disability: A Welfarist Approach." Clinical Ethics 6, no.
But within the confines of Posner's book, it would be fairer to say that he doesn't even need to go there, and indeed, with his implicitly welfarist perspective, Posner may indirectly endorse the main substance of some economic rights.
Weinzierl, Harvard University and NBER, "A Welfarist Role for Nonwelfarist Rules" (NBER Working Paper No.
(30) Whether a welfarist should embrace consistent choice paternalism in settings of this type depends on the strength of the evidence that the choices of the consistent choosers are mistaken.
The term 'welfarist' thus assumed this preference-satisfaction conception.
Within a welfarist framework, the claim that sufficiency increases welfare means that people (in a free society) actually voluntarily choose sufficiency lifestyles.
Strong objections can be made on both welfarist and egalitarian principles.
However, this non-conformist stand has confused the hoi polloi further, giving rise to questions over their conviction to their welfarist manifesto as the opposition is bound to pounce upon at the slightest fettering of the said agenda.
The Obama Administration has set the country in a direction that is welfarist in economic policy, libertine in social policy, and accommodationist in foreign policy.
Bumiller (chapter 1) highlights this process with her analysis of the links between re-entry and labour markets, illustrating the overlap between welfarist and punitive state institutions in the US.
By focusing on life-long, rather than momentary well-being, a welfarist can solve two of the most vexing puzzles in value theory: The Badness of Death and The Problem of Additive Aggregation.