welfare work

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an organized activity to improve the condition of disadvantaged people in society

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In particular I would like to thank you for helping to spread the word about the charity and supporting us in our welfare work.
To develop public welfare work, the church must work harder on many fronts, such as self-construction.
Money raised through the Poppy Appeal goes directly to The Royal British Legion's welfare work providing through life care to anyone who is currently serving in the British Armed Forces, who has previously served, and their families.
They plan to build a similar facility in Kyoto and wanted to find out more about our animal welfare work.
Federal dollars will continue to be used for child welfare work carried out on the reserve.
It funds welfare work, helps build rehabilitation centres and so much more.
The specific requirements have varied over time but since its inception the Legion's motto of Service not Self has been the backdrop for the ongoing welfare work of which we are so rightly proud.
I NEED unwanted stamps as well as picture postcards to assist my animal welfare work.
In 2009 the Legion completed 162,000 calls for help through its Poppy Support services and spent over pounds 110m on its welfare work.
The losses in recent months show how much we must support welfare work.
The court observed that, for legal aid services, lawyers could be classified as organisations devoted to social well-being, but since they are "private profit-making entities," they cannot be considered as a whole to be engaged in welfare work simply because they also provide services related to social well-being.
Specific topics include a lifespan perspective on human aggression and animal abuse, empathy as an indicator of emotional development, the role of animals in public child welfare work, developmental animal cruelty and its correlates in sexual homicide offenders and sex offenders, the structure of evil, laws and policy to address the link of family violence, the role of veterinarians and other animal welfare workers in reporting suspected child abuse, and hunting as a morally suspect activity.
Gillian Barker, director general of Caravan, added: "We are very positive about the future of the charity and with Darren on board, it gives us a great opportunity to further promote our welfare work and build our fundraising base.
The New Miracle Workers: Overcoming Contemporary Challenges in Child Welfare Work.
A TIPPERARY soldier has been awarded a major international honour for his welfare work helping ex servicemen and women.