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Synonyms for welfare

Synonyms for welfare

a state of health, happiness, and prospering

assistance, especially money, food, and other necessities, given to the needy or dispossessed

Synonyms for welfare

governmental provision of economic assistance to persons in need

something that aids or promotes well-being

a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous

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Combining this reasoning with comparative data, Kasza concludes that virtually all aspects of the dominant image of Japan as a welfare laggard are wrong.
Reese, a professor of Sociology at the University of California, Riverside, traces the history of political attacks against poor mothers' access to public assistance to assess how and why regional welfare attacks in the early days of the welfare state led to the strong, national assault on welfare we are experiencing today.
The changes were designed to transfer the responsibility for Aboriginal child welfare to Aboriginal authorities.
That said, From Welfare to Workfare deserves a wide readership, especially for its success in showing how a "silo" mentality and bureaucratic structure have consequences all too predictable when academics, foundations, unions, businesses, policymakers, and lawmakers try to do good.
Presenters were Janice Swanson, animal science professor at Kansas State University and member of several restaurant corporation animal welfare boards; John Fiscalini, owner of Fiscalini Farms and Fiscalini Cheese in Modesto, Calif.
Preschoolers in low-income families exhibited stable emotional health, consistent reading and number skills, and no change in problem behavior during the first 16 months after their mothers left the welfare rolls for either a full- or part-time job, say psychologist P.
But this list of flaws overlooks another critical dimension of the child welfare system reflected in the state's excessive intervention in families.
But it is welfare that is seen as the real enemy here, with its meager checks, mindless regulations and ubiquitous presence.
One could not help but note, in the original arguments of welfare reform ideologues like author George Gilder and the Heritage Foundation's Robert Rector, an Obsessive fascination with female sexuality, especially the sexuality of women of color.
The State of Arkansas' traditional AFDC welfare program was a lifetime program with no incentive for self-sufficiency.
Clinton's announced goal was 10,000 new federal hires, but the federal Office of Personnel Management (OPM) reports that, as of January, 50,827 former welfare recipients had found work with the feds.
THE BULK OF MICHAEL KATZ'S The Price of Citizenship is taken up by a long compendium of all the ways in which the American welfare state has diminished over the past 20 years.
Thomas Massaro, Catholic Social Teaching and United States Welfare Reform.
Welfare reform," President Clinton announced in January 1997, just before meeting with a group of CEOs, "if it is going to work, will need the leadership of the private sector in turning welfare checks into paychecks.