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fastening two pieces of metal together by softening with heat and applying pressure

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The metal technology section provides welding support for the C-130J Super Hercules and B-1B Lancer aircrafts, aerospace ground equipment and all other facilities across the base.
To accomplish weld monitoring in multiple regions surrounding the process, the system fires a low-power measurement beam through the same optics that deliver the welding laser.
[11] have reported in their work on effect of different welding wires and the torch weaving technique on the microstructure and hardness of plain carbon steel welded joints.
There are two main fusion welding processes used nowadays for welding of aluminium and its alloys, TIG and MIG.
Filler metal fills the cavity you make when welding. Depending on the system it might be a consumable electrode or automatically fed wire.
In the present investigation a typical pure aluminium sheets have been ultrasonically welded in similar manner through a 2-KW lateral drive ultrasonic welding machine.
Total welding pass in butt welding joint is about 60 passes in case of a thickness of 60 mm.
Previous studies on vibration welding of nanocomposite materials are very sparse, which were focused on nanoclay [18, 19] that is in one dimension in nanoscale and nanoparticles such as titania and silica [20, 21] reinforced thermoplastics.
The system employs solid, metal core or flux core welding wires ranging from 0.035 to 1/16 inch in diameter.
In 'Deposition rate', the welder is shown various different types of seam from which he can select the one that is most suitable for him on this occasion, and then enters specific details about the seam-geometry, ie seam parameters like the wire diameter, welding speed, material etc, including the 'a' dimension.
The effects introduced by the weld on the martensitic transformation will depend both on the microstructure of the reference material and on the welding process parameters.
Fusion welding entails making sure that a weld has complete penetration and is structurally sound.
When a defect is detected in a weld by means of some non-destructive tests, the weld should be repaired; generally, the weld metal is removed by grinding and inspected to verify the effective removal of the defect in order to re-weld under a qualified welding procedure.
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