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Synonyms for weld

Synonyms for weld

European mignonette cultivated as a source of yellow dye

United States abolitionist (1803-1895)

a metal joint formed by softening with heat and fusing or hammering together

join together by heating

unite closely or intimately

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This gas pocket shields the weld and leaves you with a clean weld that shouldn't require cleaning.
Two-dimensional plane strain finite element analyses were carried out in order to obtain the computational stress intensity factor solutions for the pre-existing cracks between the upper and lower sheets near the roots of the continuous welds with idealized and realistic weld geometries.
The dispersion state of carbon nanotubes in polymer matrix and weld region were investigated using a Nikon ECLIPSE LVIOOPOL optical microscope (Tokyo, Japan) operated in transmission mode.
1-inch (28-mm) full-penetration weld has been deposited using 30 kW of laser power.
Also, consider using filler wire with added deoxidizers to clean the weld.
The weld penetration increases when the welding speed decreases because the heat input per unit length of weld is higher.
The tool can be used on corrosion-resistant alloy-lined pipe to identify sour, or aggressive, ingress points, in clad butt-weld and clad weld inlay applications.
A key component of the system is a patented closed-loop control that allows the system to monitor the weld joint in real time and modify the process to accommodate a joint mismatch.
If you encounter weld problems or horn failures, FEA can be used to analyze horn integrity and assembly performance.
The classes join a host of other existing courses in welding technology, metal sculpturing and weld inspecting.
Given that there is a smaller, more powerful spot size than can be achieved with a rod-type YAG laser, it is possible to weld with a narrower bead, to have a reduced heat-affected zone, and to weld more rapidly.
During his tenure as Massachusetts governor in the 1990s, William Weld shocked many of his fellow Republicans by pushing through gay rights laws and publicly advocating for same-sex marriage, which was eventually legalized in the Bay State under the direction of a supreme judicial court justice whom he appointed.