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flightless New Zealand rail of thievish disposition having short wings each with a spur used in fighting

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Para realizar el procesamiento de estos datos, al framework Spark integra en "5" la API provista por la herramienta de mineria de datos Weka.
This study in mining educational data made use of association rule mining asa data mining technique with small dataset to discover knowledge from students' data and also it just made use of traditional tool to mine and analyze educational data which is WEKA.
Open source data mining tool WEKA is used for conducting an experiment.
In January 2015, after Weka had attacked another dog, Allsup pleaded guilty to having a dangerous dog in a public place.
From the 10,000 observations, the latest data were selected and were clustered in groups of multiples of 1,000 using clustering methods in WEKA.
Comparison with Kappa Statistics and RMSE: To verify the results discussed before following section presents WEKA statistics and its comparison with McNemar's test.
Cada etapa general del proceso KDD constituye un subproceso formado por una secuencia de etapas especificas en las cuales se aplicaron diferentes tecnicas de datos implementadas en la herramienta Weka explorer.
Luego de seleccionar los atributos que intervienen en la clase, se realizo su discretizacion transformando los datos nominales a discretos formando intervalos (Agrawal & Aggarwal, 2001), debido a que los algoritmos de prediccion disponibles en WEKA solo reconocen este tipo de datos (Goebel & Gruenwald, 1999).
Para el analisis, se utilizo el software weka (Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis) (Witten y Frank, 2005), que es una herramienta visual de libre distribucion, desarrollada por los investigadores de la universidad de Waikato en Nueva Zelanda.
Several of these algorithms are of interest when it comes to the research presented in this study (listed by their WEKA denominations): ADTree, RandomTree, RandomForest, J48, J48graft, IB1, Naive Bayes and meta Cost Sensitive Classifier.
Open source statistical and machine-learning frameworks such as R, Spark's MLlib, RapidMiner, Weka, and Mahout provide a diverse set of options for deriving meaning from the data.
To select the optimal acoustic feature subset, we used the CFS from Weka 3.
For testing purposes, Orange [12] and Weka [13] open source data mining software packages were used as well as Microsoft Excel for statistical analysis.
Para argumentarlo mas, se han sometido los datos recogidos a un algoritmo de clasificacion con el programa Weka (Hall & al.