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Synonyms for weightless

having little weight; not heavy

Antonyms for weightless

having little or no weight or apparent gravitational pull


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The bow pitches downward, leaving us weightless for half a second before we fall back down.
Hoffman notes that it isn't easy carrying this 5-meter piece of equipment in the weightless environment of space, where a little push goes a long way.
Weightless expects to see white space M2M standards and network infrastructure in place by 2013, if not the end of 2012.
5 -- 6 -- color) Cameras on SpaceShipOne show pilot Mike Melvill, with weightless M&M candies in the air, and a tail fin of the rocket plane.
The rocket exceeded performance expectations in microgravity and characterized the flight of the rocket from launch to weightless environment in space, reentry and touchdown; a significant step for smaller scale access to space.
His plane will take off from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida and soar to 32,000ft then plunge 8000ft in 25 seconds so passengers can be weightless.
At the same time, White's use of Coloraid is itself already antiquated, already knowingly weighted as an analog metaphor for the ever more immaterial and weightless substance of the digital screen.
Apparently he designed a method to weigh astronauts in space, when they're weightless,'' he said.
Jennifer's skin looks flawless so all she needs is a pale, weightless foundation to create a smoother tone with a fluff of colourless, translucent powder on top to take away shine.
In the dark, the shiny metal becomes a weightless, reflective surface, generating new geometries and illusions of transparency.
Exclusively at The Sharper Image, ZERO-G Weightless Experience Gives Consumers A Once-in-a-Lifetime Vacation from Gravity
Weightless beat Short Pause in the Prix Dollar at Longchamp last October with two more of today's rivals, Execute and Nysaean, third and seventh.
They have posited death in the form of crystalline inertia (Robert Smithson), weightless dispersion (Andy Warhol), theatrical entombment (Paul Thek), subterranean surveillance (Bruce Nauman), ritualized grief (Gordon Matta-Clark), or delusional grandeur (Bas Jan Ader).
You are floating weightless being treated to an amazing show put on by Mother Nature.
Engineered by Ore Arup & Partners, this structural trapeze disappears against the dark background, making the glass chapel appear mysteriously weightless and free-standing.