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Synonyms for weighted

made heavy or weighted down with weariness


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adjusted to reflect value or proportion

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Traditional ballistic training incorporates faster, lighter-weight versions of exercises such as squats and bench press and applies plyometric routines that involve jumping and working out with weighted objects.
The reason is that the similarity computation for a node in a query tree may be based on operators other than a weighted summation of the similarity of the children.
(These factors are multiplied by compensation, and the weighted compensation amounts are used in allocating contributions.
But when it comes to "clean-and-jerk lifting" - the kind you do in competition, where you hoist a weighted bar to your chest, squat beneath it, and stand and press the bar overhead - arms don't do the lifting.
{This schedule {now modified principally by adjusting the interest rate} previously appeared in the Tax Clinic item, "Age Weighted Profit-Sharing vs.
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