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The corrected mixture formed thus weighs 1.0195543 weight units. On the other hand, the correction at minimum weight requires an addition of 0.0191732 weight unit, which costs 0.0066641$.
From Figure 4, it can be noticed that the proposed system implements the asynchronous version of the HNN, since the weight unit is designed in order to compute one weighted value ([WY.sub.i]) at a time.
Other accessories an M3 shooter would find valuable were an adjustable weight unit (up to 100g) that slips into the bottom dovetail of the frame, a smaller, junior size polymer grip, an adjustable wooden match grip, 5- or 10-shot magazines, interchangeable 6" barrels, 4" and 6" Picatinny rails and front and rear Truglo sport sights.
A linear regression analysis was performed for volume (mL) and weight (g) relations of each tissue to obtain a coefficient of the volume per weight unit (mL [g.sup.-1]), as well as volume data estimated for each tissue fraction.
Material is added with a dosing slider for very small quantities within the set and actual tolerances for the weight unit and then weighed gravimetrically.
David Hardy, on e-mail, writes: "With regard to Monday's question regarding why the weight unit pounds is abbreviated to lbs, Ib is an abbreviation of the Latin word libra, the Roman pound.
Its burning also emits up to 40% less carbon dioxide (CO2) than coal and does not produce black carbon, which causes 2-3,000-times more global warming per weight unit than CO2.
We need to convert the parts per amount into a weight unit. This is easiest done using the metric system, since it goes by steps of 10, 100 and 1000.
A detailed cost per bag, roll, or weight unit is calculated.
Instantel's monitoring equipment includes the BlastMate Series II and III, a rugged, portable and light weight unit with a fast, high resolution printer.
Print on both sides of sheets and watch the total number of enclosures, for sometimes a single sheet can toss you into the next weight unit.
The re-introduced new and improved tablet weight and hardness tester, 'C53,' is a small and light weight unit. It ensures ease of movement and storage in production environments offering easily accessible data when connected to an optional balance and calliper.
Taking up 25 in2 of bench space and weighing <3 Ibs, the light weight unit can be used in nearly any incubator.