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weight down with a load

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I'm eating lots of fish and fruit as you have to keep your energy levels up but keep the weight down.
I enjoy ballet because it keeps me fit and supple, and it helps keep my weight down," he said.
Fitz made a full recovery after the sock was surgically removed and his owners assured me that they would work on getting his weight down.
Rear wheel drive, it is built on a lightweight aluminium platform, with a mid-mounted 201bhp electric motor, lightweight battery pack and carbon fibre bodywork to keep the weight down to 2354lb.
The program, Kids Weight Down, focuses on children aged 2-18 years, but also helps their families.
THERE has been a tremendous response to my column last week, in which I told how my friend George Wilson is seeking jockeys - Flat and jumps - to volunteer for his research project into healthier ways to keep weight down.
While our feline friends may not enjoy being attached to a lead, they will enjoy the interaction with their owners as fishing rod toys or laser pens are used to get their heart rates up and weight down.
The company plans to repeat the feat it has managed with the new 2 and 6 models by driving weight down by 100kgs per model.
Robin Middleton, the Secretary of State's representative for Maritime, Salvage and Intervention, said that the stern will need to be cut up to bring the weight down removing areas such as the engine, accommodation block and the steel decks.
The Formula 1 star developed bulimia as he battled to keep his weight down for racing.
The 63-year-old man involved, from Stockport, is understood to have been part of a team of men dismantling a crane at the Hancock Museum, on the Great North Road, when a section of ballast - used to weight down the crane - fell off the lorry.
As contractors want attachments that can work higher, "it's always a challenge to increase performance and keep the weight down," says Kausch.
Joan Myers Brown, founder and director of Philadanco, believed in her talent, but wouldn't let her perform until she got her weight down.
We needed to package a coil-over-shock in the front to get the weight down," says Terry Woychowski, chief engineer for the GMT-900 program.