weigh down

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  • verb

Synonyms for weigh down

be oppressive or disheartening to


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exert a force with a heavy weight

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com Nourishes dry and damaged hair, leaving it soft and shiny but in a light-weight formula that won't weigh down fine or normal locks.
1 : to weigh down : burden <Their heavy coats encumbered the children.
Lang spoke of transportation congestion in all modes that costs the nation approximately $200 billion a year and airline delays that weigh down the economy by $9.
He straps on water-carrying bags filled with enough liquid to weigh down his body.
He reportedly thinks that the issue should not weigh down the World Trade Organisation.
Many of my friends have turned that corner into their 40s, and they all talk about shedding the burdens that used to weigh down their lives--other people's expectations, futile relationships, overreaching ambition, pointless fears and insecurities.
Hundreds of thousands of Americans are converts to the Weigh Down Works.
The heavy steel tubes which are used to stabilise the flying edges also weigh down the more conventional two-sided vaults and they are all strapped to the corrugated sheets with thin steel hoops which recall the bamboo straps that hold together the ceilings of traditional Japanese farm buildings.