weigh anchor

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heave up an anchor in preparation for sailing

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2 Weigh Anchor 3 Mister Baileys 4 King's Theatre 3 1 2 l, 1l, 1 3 4 l May 11, 1994 3 and under, plater; 4-5, lowgrade handicapper; 6-7, fair handicapper; 8-9, high-grade handicapper; 10-11, Group class; 12.
Log on to rafting in Sweden; Dip into diving in Spain; Go karting in Somerset; Have a paddle in Slovenia; Weigh anchor in Greece; Rock out at Le Touquet
Veterans and onlookers also turned out to watch the frigates,minehunters and patrol craft from eight visiting nations prepare to weigh anchor.
Weigh Anchor and Set Cell Germany's Hydra claims to be the first vessel powered entirely by fuel cells.
It is only fitting that - like the return of the Discovery to Dundee - the Britannia should also weigh anchor for the final time in the land of her birth.
Those companies that wish to sail at the head of the markets must weigh anchor from a mooring secured to value, namely the value proposition," the authors say.
Having been given the required dispensation by the authorities, necessitated by its beam of 40m, the Stena Primorsk will, on the afternoon of the 7 June, be towed from Sandhamn and weigh anchor in the evening at Strommen, alongside the royal palace.
A ROYAL Navy warship is to weigh anchor in Cardiff Bay this weekend.
Yet despite featuring the best blockbuster screen kiss since Spiderman hung upside down for MJ, it's also a confusing, pedestrian affair which takes an unbelievable 168 minutes 23 seconds to weigh anchor.
Anchored in the Charpentier Roads, St Nasaire, and having embarked an estimated 9,000 troops she was preparing to weigh anchor on June 17, 1940 when she came under attack from a flight of bombers and was struck by four 500lb bombs.
Participants get their own personal web page so they can raise funds online, as they weigh anchor on their virtual cruise.