weigh anchor

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heave up an anchor in preparation for sailing

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Once the work is complete and sea trials completed, the larger, smarter MSC Sinfonia will weigh anchor from the shipyard on 25 March for Genoa, from where she'll begin for her maiden cruise to Ajaccio, Barcelona and Marseille.
However, the chaos since last year's revolution, the repeated strikes, the cutting of railway lines and Nile Cruisers being prevented to weigh anchor have taken their toll.
It should have ensured a decision before Fred Olsen Lines decided to weigh anchor.
After a night on board and a very thorough briefing from the ultra-efficient but delightfully affable base manager, Nicole, it was time to weigh anchor.
With the wind and tide both favorable, the signal was given to weigh anchor, and the fleet moved forward about seven miles to an open and flat shore.
The ships weigh anchor and passengers are ferried to the port on small boats, but can be unwilling to make the trip in rough conditions and prefer to be able to step directly off the cruise liners.
2 Weigh Anchor 3 Mister Baileys 4 King's Theatre 3 1 2 l, 1l, 1 3 4 l May 11, 1994 3 and under, plater; 4-5, lowgrade handicapper; 6-7, fair handicapper; 8-9, high-grade handicapper; 10-11, Group class; 12.
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