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the yarn woven across the warp yarn in weaving

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Warp & Weft searches for fabrics that have the potential to create heirloom pieces that can be passed on from one generation to the next.
Therefore, it's important to cut the pants to align exactly with the fabric warp or weft in order to produce a straight drape (3).
Tensile Strength Analysis of 3D Woven Structures: The typical tensile force and strain curves of the warp and weft direction for all the weaves are shown in Figs.
ROJ used Aptiv films in three different thicknesses (150, 250 and 500 microns) selected according to the required tension and weft characteristics.
To create different colors within the band, tie a second color onto the first yarn that you are using for the weft and continue weaving.
Trim the hair weft slightly; they come blunt cut, so snip with scissors or a razor for a choppier, slightly uneven finish, which will look more natural.
Two new fabrics for upholstery and drapery were introduced, one a 40-count single warp and 3-pound jute weft; the other a cotton warp and a weft of jute and viscose monofilament yarn, which had a soft texture comparable to silk.
The machine can be fitted with the electronic, DLT/EL long throw device that can control up to three weft bars and allows the production of fabrics with long weft movement of up to the full working width along with the possibility of single pick control.
com)-- Warp & Weft will host the launch of the new fabric collection 'Wildwood', by surface designer Elizabeth Olwen from Friday 26th - Sunday 28th of September 2014.
Part 1 is devoted to the fundamentals of knitting: types of yarns (including future trends); physical properties of weft knitted structures (e.
The cap ply comprises at least one layer of an open construction leno weave tape having a pair of warp yarns in the longitudinal direction and a weft yarn in the weft direction.
Weft adult cock 1 and 3 Mallinson and Feeney, 2 M Buckley.
There are linearly extending weft threads positioned substantially at a right angle to the warp threads.
We engage in providing our consulting services for a diverse group of markets that include both restoration projects as weft as new construction.
The selected top surface configuration is integrated to the four-shed base structure using the patented Intrinsic Weft weaving technique.