weeping willow

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willow with long drooping branches and slender leaves native to China

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Fortunately the weeping willow has continued to survive and flourish.
Caption: Figure 1--Scanning electron microscopy images of compressed weeping willow wood panels (Sample a, density 0.
A variety such as pencil cherry, which is a tall, thin tree, is perfect to give height without being invasive and the Kilmarnock willow - a miniature weeping willow - will also do the job and look great.
DO you know why the weeping willow weeps, or why there is a mountain dedicated to a goddess in Cowbridge?
Seven for a Secret is a joyous ode to an idyllic past where a group of children could play in a meadow framed by weeping willow trees.
She recalled hearing the story of why the weeping willow is so named (because the thorn of crowns Jesus wore at his crucifixion came from a willow tree and this made the tree weep) and thinking it wasn't any different from the myths of the ancient Greeks.
The tree is one of eight Ficus -- Weeping Willow - trees planted around a block of flats on Chitron Street in Nicosia, and is 22 years old.
The idyllic countryside location is enhanced by the gardens which boast mature specimen trees including chestnut, blue and yellow spruce, silver birch, weeping willow and cherry.
Songs performed here - with just her husband, guitarist John Leventhal, for back-up - included Bob Dylan's Girl From the North Country and the Carter Family's Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow.
She buried his ashes under a weeping willow and went down
A tall, colourful plant or perhaps a small tree, such as a Japanese weeping willow, look good in a smaller space.
The weeping willow is a tree most people have considered planting at one time or another.
Smithson left only a rudimentary sketch of the proposed topography and landscape, so had to be creatively second guessed on several issues, though he did specify the presence of a weeping willow and moss just so on a particular boulder.
Puccini's tragic opera is set in a tranquil and beautifully created Japanese water garden, including a Weeping Willow water feature and waterfalls commissioned from America.
Under a weeping willow tree'' is fine provided there is only one of the species.