weeping beech

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variety of European beech with pendulous limbs

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the Dutch for planting the weeping beech for in 1714 neither the Germans
Some weeping trees like some Cotoneasters remain narrow, occupying little space while others, such as the weeping beech, tend to sprawl.
Soldier's and Airmen's Home also contains several notable trees, including the weeping beech, a copper beech hybrid with a dozen leaning branches that spawned their own tree grove.
I walk through an arbor under a leafy weeping beech tree.
Other beeches include the cultivars -- copper beech, weeping beech, Dawyck or fastigiate beech and fern-leaved beech -- all from Fagus sylvatica and popular choices for ornamentals.
However, its massive limestone walls encrusted with century's old ivy, trays of candles held aloft by colossal copper fixtures shaped like human arms, immense crusader tents, and leafless weeping beech trees combine to invoke the feeling of a dark yet alluring world.
All the flora is labeled here, so you can readily identify a European weeping beech, a cedar from Northern Africa and Brewer's weeping spruce, which Oregon claims as its own.
WEEPING BEECH PARK: 37th Avenue and 144th Street, west of Parsons Boulevard, Flushing, Queens.