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Synonyms for weepiness

sadness expressed by weeping


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Symptoms vary from woman to woman but the main things seem to be irritation, weepiness, weight gain, food cravings.
Most mothers experience the baby blues - weepiness, agitation and mood swings that last for a few days after the birth.
QI DON'T get really bad PMS, but do have the occasional bout of weepiness and lack of confidence around this time.
Symptoms: Weepiness, inability to concentrate, feeling worthless and unable to cope, loss of appetite or weight, difficulty sleeping, early waking - usually between 2am-4am.
But while many new mothers may experience a short period of weepiness and worry, anything that lasts longer than about two weeks is more than baby blues.
You may also experience pre-PMS hormone withdrawal symptoms, such as a down-in-the-dumps mood, weepiness, lack of confidence and temper flares.