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Synonyms for weepiness

sadness expressed by weeping


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Symptoms: Weepiness, inability to concentrate, feeling worthless and unable to cope, loss of appetite or weight, difficulty sleeping, early waking - usually between 2am-4am.
The most common reason children are switched from methylphenidate to dextroamphetamine are problems with weepiness, irritability, or fiat affect.
But while many new mothers may experience a short period of weepiness and worry, anything that lasts longer than about two weeks is more than baby blues.
You may also experience pre-PMS hormone withdrawal symptoms, such as a down-in-the-dumps mood, weepiness, lack of confidence and temper flares.
Not one for those looking for fx driven sci fi thrills or Titanic tissuedrenching weepiness, but those willing to engage brain cells and to put in the effort to get out what the film has to offer, it's something of a metaphysical masterpiece.
Symptoms include hot flushes, night sweats, joint aches and pains, depressed mood and weepiness, forgetfulness and loss of concentration and loss of sex drive.
Symptoms can include general depression, irritability, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, loss of enjoyment of sex, weepiness, anxiety and feelings of not being able to cope.
Preachy and sermonising, this movie is soon waterlogged and sinking under the weight of its well-intentioned weepiness.
EIGHT out of 10 new mums experience some sort of postnatal depression, ranging from mild weepiness to a severe psychotic condition.
Try night-blooming cereus (Cactus grandiflorus) for gripping pains in the womb, Graphites (black lead) for bad period pain with a headache and Pulsatilla for bad pain with weepiness.
irritability, irrationality, weepiness and moodiness are normal in pregnant women.
Symptoms include weepiness, a sense of failure, lethargy and disturbed eating and sleeping patterns.