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Synonyms for weeper

a person who weeps

a hired mourner

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Nandos-lover, trainee-doctor, Wales powerhouse centre, Welsh-speaker and a bit of weeper.
Reassure the weeper and gently explain to the other child that frightening other pupils is not kind.
After all, where else could you watch five adults acting out scenarios including pubic hair kites and a 'By Royal Appointment' roads weeper who uses Mars Bars to pick up dead hedgehogs in Kirkby?
To protect them from freezing, either drain them or install a weeper valve (it automatically drains lines after each use).
Cording, an English professor, read his poem, "The Weeper," which honors St.
Derailed by a weeper -- a leaky fissure in the pavement -- Mears spun into a defenseless Earnhardt, leaving a crippled No.
The twangy weeper "Down to the River" and the travellin' song "There's the Train," with its pitch-perfect strings, are deceptive in their simplicity--like the best country music.
CRESTFALLEN runner Paula Radcliffe is probably still wiping the tears from her eyes after her Athens flop, but Hills have installed the wobbly weeper as 6-4 favourite for next year's London marathon, writes Steve Palmer.
SCEC's report shows on average a roads weeper gets paid over pounds 100 more per week than a care assistant,and train drivers get pounds 400 a week more.
Serial weeper Sissy Rooney faced yet more tears last night, after becoming the third contestant - and third girl - to be booted out of the Big Brother house.
SERIAL weeper Sissy Rooney told housemates she was ``gutted'' to become the third contestant to be booted out of the Big Brother house.
Another weeper (actually more of a creeper) is 'Cole' or 'Cole's Prostate', a flat grower than forms mats on the ground.
As an example, she cites the upcoming June 6 release "The Fault in Our Stars," the romantic comedy weeper starring Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort.
While world class weeper Gamu spouts a tsunami of tears, clich queen Cheryl Cole purrs: "This means the world to you, doesn't it?
Mr Spence, who was working as a roads weeper in 1994, said that after the shooting of Mr Mahmood, he was approached by Edmund Ross.