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I struggled with hysterical girlishness." Describing her attempts to write about her World War I research, she gives us the key to these lacerating observations: "I was getting a weensy bit more honest.
Here, the flicker of a weensy metal blade can trigger a feeding frenzy.
Anybody familiar with these attractions will know that prize-winning success requires kicking a football through a circular hole just a teensy weensy bit bigger than the width of said football.
Among other things, he raises the Forbidden Subject--the Federal Reserve System--and proposes that our monetary central planners may have had a teensy weensy bit to do with the disaster we face now.
Have you considered that maybe you are being just a teensy weensy bit too sensitive?
Also on the CD are a fairy song to the tune of "Eensy Weensy Spider", and "The Sock Fairy has taken my socks!" An exuberant, joyful children's book especially recommended for young people who believe in fairies.
During early childhood, the following stimuli were used: 1) toy puppets, talking for thirty seconds, 2) a Halloween mask suddenly appears in the window for one second, 3) reciting a finger play (Eensy Weensy Spider) with child, 4) parent leaves room for thirty seconds, 5) while giving child a cookie it drops (child is given sticker instead), 6) a toy switch (toy carrot is put in hat and a rabbit puppet is pulled out, 7) an impossible puzzle (last piece does not fit), 8) an easy puzzle, 9) toy is taken from child, 10) child is given an empty box (wrapped like a present), 11) child is read a sad story, and 12) a loud noise (a key alarm sounds for two seconds).
The class had been singing the "Eensy Weensy Spider." During the observation, Pat was working with one child as she made a tactile picture representing the spider going up the waterspout.
Unfortunately, as you may have heard, men do very occasionally make a teensy- weensy fashion faux pas.
Honda, makers of the teensy- weensy Logo supermini, have constructed a family car so spacious it destroys its rivals for comfort and everyday ease of use.
If Wolverhampton Wanderers think they've got problems - and getting railroaded 2-0 at Crewe suggests a teensy weensy cause for concern - Colin Lee should take comfort from the example of that other alliterative Midland outfit, their local junior rivals just down the road in Stourbridge, the Wordsley Wasps.
They move their hands as if to the song "Eensy, weensy spider." Ryan smiles.
In the online information world, Dialog will announce in 1999 that DialUnits are in fact a price increase after all, attributing previous claims that DialUnits were a price cut to a "teensy weensy little decimal point error." Several online vendors will be co-winners of the coveted P.T.
In "truth" (you know with an eensy weensy, teeny tiny "t" that has nothing whatsoever to do with "Truth" and its big, audacious, self-aggrandizing capital "T"), these implications are most eloquently and comprehensively expressed by the Nike-does-Nietzsche-in-lycra-tights theme of "Just do it," Canon's simulacra of Baudrillardian philosophy ("Image is everything"), and the ominous Foucauldian subtext of Microsoft's admonition to "feel the power of Windows 95".
Her favorites are The Eensy Weensy Spider and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.