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a black garment (dress) worn by a widow as a sign of mourning

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A gentle breeze kept the red weed that covered every scrap of unoccupied ground gently swaying.
He said weeds reduce crops produce by 40 to 45 percent which is great loss to farmers .
Mohammad Asghar Malik, Agricultural Officer Directorate of Agriculture Extension explained the characteristics of weeds, its classifications, method to control and harmful effect of weeds.
It also allows users to: Record the GPS location of weeds; Keep notes and a log of control activities; Phone or email regional NRM officers to report weeds; Take photos to include in weed notifications and requests for advice.
Red Dragon's Weed Dragon torch kits are compact propane torches perfect for obliterating any weed around your home and in your garden.
Agriculture, Al-Shafa, Crops, Ecology, Plant, Weeds,
WEEDS blanketing the lawn can be treated by a combined feed and weedkiller.
Among weed management practices, pre-emergence application of pendimethalin fb bispyribac recorded significantly the lowest density and dry weight of weeds over Sesbania co-culture + residue incorporation, Sesbania co-culture fb 2, 4-D and pretilachlorfb hand weeding at 30 DAS and it was at par with the application of pendimethalin fb hand weeding at 30 DAS and pretilachlor fb bispyribac, respectively.
Keywords: Bemisia tabaci, Population, Dicotyledonous weeds, Monocotyledonous weeds, weeding.
Integrating herbicides with cultural practices can have a broader impact on weeds and should be optimized with other agronomic practices that govern both crop and weed growth and their association.
Effective control of weeds in turf is based on correct identification.
Summer is one of the seasons that produces the most weeds due to the heat and the weather.
Half of amateur gardeners were unable to distinguish between flowers and weeds in a study.
When weeds are left uncontrolled beneath the vines, their roots are much better than grapevine roots at competing for water and nutrients.
A DSR crop should preferably be sown under CT in June and weeds must be controlled before 20 DAS to avoid growth reduction.