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However, just an hour out of town, in the rustic charm of Provence, you won't say "oui oui!" to the idea of a wee-wee in this hole in the ground.
Everybody has their eyes closed except Jaime, who's staring out the window holding his wee-wee in his pants, listening to the roar of the lawn mower near the monkey bars.
"Wee-wee" she announced, and, still holding her dress daintily up by her ears, she squatted and proceeded to do her business on the probably priceless rug in front of the fire.
One lad's manifesto consisted of: "Vote for me and I'll show you my wee-wee." He later became speechwriter for Bill Clinton.
The Emmerdale actress said it wasn't a fair contest and added: "I don't like hot tubs anyway - they remind me of warm wee-wee in a bath.
"Look, there he is again, this time having a wee-wee and a bit of a yawn."
"'Refudiate,' 'misunderestimate,' 'wee-wee'd up.' English is a living language.
We had only just arrived when Daisy announced she wanted a wee-wee. A trip to the loos took just a few minutes, but when we got back we were told the library would be closing in five minutes.
But as someone famous once said, you can only wee-wee with the appendage you've got.
PACHA nightclub in Ibiza continues to wee-wee all over the competition as far as super-clubs are concerned.
Tonight he'll hopefully desist in looking like some sort of deviant Milk Tray man with a wee-wee obsession to focus his attention on the nightjar, a nocturnal bird with an appetite for moths.
The big sellers she hopes will be Bombardier, representing the English side, and the Budweiser Budwar in draught and bottles from Czechoslovakia - and definitely not its wee-wee counterpart from the States.
"It's what Eric wants that matters and what I want very badly right now is a wee-wee."
Most mornings there'd be poo on the intercom, wee-wee in the stairwell and gee-gees in the lift - the local "yoot" having taken to bringing horses from the city zoo home with them whenever it was "two-for-one" night at the nearby Wetherspoons.
It was rather like ignoring my three-year-old daughter Ava when she says: 'Daddy, I want a wee-wee.'