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Everybody opens their eyes and sees Jaime standing there, with his pants down to his ankles, holding his wee-wee with the long pair of scissors he got from Miss Johnson's open drawer.
Look, there he is again, this time having a wee-wee and a bit of a yawn.
We had only just arrived when Daisy announced she wanted a wee-wee.
But as someone famous once said, you can only wee-wee with the appendage you've got.
And so, naturally, this would cause every one of them to have to make MORE wee-wee, which every other one would, of course, have to sniff, the result being that we soon were witnessing what nuclear physicists call a Runaway Chain Wee-wee Reaction.
Four Paws is one of the largest manufacturers of dog, cat, reptile and small animal products in the United States, under brand names which include Magic Coat(r), Four Paws(r) and Wee-Wee Pads(r).
PACHA nightclub in Ibiza continues to wee-wee all over the competition as far as super-clubs are concerned.
Tonight he'll hopefully desist in looking like some sort of deviant Milk Tray man with a wee-wee obsession to focus his attention on the nightjar, a nocturnal bird with an appetite for moths.
The big sellers she hopes will be Bombardier, representing the English side, and the Budweiser Budwar in draught and bottles from Czechoslovakia - and definitely not its wee-wee counterpart from the States.
It's what Eric wants that matters and what I want very badly right now is a wee-wee.
On the other hand, it emits an amazing amount of wee-wee.
Most mornings there'd be poo on the intercom, wee-wee in the stairwell and gee-gees in the lift - the local "yoot" having taken to bringing horses from the city zoo home with them whenever it was "two-for-one" night at the nearby Wetherspoons.
It was rather like ignoring my three-year-old daughter Ava when she says: 'Daddy, I want a wee-wee.
With Sophie's encouragement, and the addition of a Potty Points chart, she's becoming something of a wee-wee wonder.
PHILIP GOLDING proved a wee-wee belter yesterday as he lifted the pounds 1.