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a computer connected to the internet that maintains a series of web pages on the World Wide Web

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The customer should instantly be provided an idea about what are being offered; otherwise, he may get bored and leave the web site unhappy, he added.
When Pioneer customers log in, though, they are met with a robust Web site that is chockfull of information, including:
A Web site also lets you extend Excel's presentation in a very powerful way If you display a static worksheet, such as a balance sheet, and change only a single number on it, you have to replace the entire worksheet.
Cope in Henrico County adds that a team of technicians watch over student Web site traffic.
For information on evolution, including teacher resources, visit this Web site: http://evolution.berkeley.edu/
The iNova Awards, which honor excellence in corporate Web sites, gave the company's consumer Web site, www.coldwellbanker.com, a Gold, and the company's intranet site, CBNet, a Silver.
Officials at Hertlin House, a senior retirement community in Lake Ronkonkoma, N.Y., recently decided to update their Web site after realizing that more of their residents were relying on the Internet for research.
NARA also recommends performing a risk mitigation to ensure the authenticity, integrity, and usefulness of agency information on their Web sites.
The Microsoft Corporation has an elaborate Web site on accessibility issues in Web design with a section that particularly speaks to the needs of older users.
Meanwhile, Bishop Anthony Burton of Saskatchewan who registered the name www.anglicanchurch.ca to identify his diocesan Web site, and who has been closely allied with conservative Anglican groups, denied any plan to provide parallel Anglican structures.
Retrieved November 6, 2002 from Pew Internet & American Life Project Web site:
First and foremost, in the age of the Internet, camps must have a Web site to efficiently recruit staff, in addition to campers.
For many people with small businesses, creating a Web site is still approached with apprehension - Why should I do it?
There are a number of issues to consider when assessing the quality of a particular Web site. Questions regarding the age of the material, the author's credentials, and the source of the material are essential.
Does your League have a Web site? Does your League have a reliable, quick method of communicating with both members and interested non-members on a regular basis?