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any member of Athapaskan tribes that migrated to the southwestern desert (from Arizona to Texas and south into Mexico)

a Parisian gangster

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If one BIG-IP or a Web server goes down, fail-over to the backup or redundant BIG-IP or Web server occurs without interruption in service.
The company can then implement their marketing plan without worrying about the Web server keeping up with demand.
I was interested in buying a Web server myself, but as soon as I found out the cost and the complexity, I ran - not walked, from that idea,'' Whitfield said.
0, Verio's Web Server hosting solutions provide a logical growth path for shared hosting customers to a more flexible virtual or dedicated hosting server solution thanks to a shared code base and control panel.
AMD's multiprocessing architecture, featuring the AMD Athlon MP processor, is now certified by Web server manufacturers Covalent Technologies and Zeus Technology.
MarketingPilot Web Server 4 is available on demand or as a licensed product.
Today MarketingPilot Software LLC introduced MarketingPilot Web Server release 3 (Web Server 3), an integrated marketing software suite for French-speaking users.
Contact management: Web Server 3 adds contact activities and opportunities.
ServerMask has always obscured the identity of IIS Web server at the HTTP level, but TCP/IP masking at the origin Web server is impractical and not optimal for performance.
The Web Server Smart Agent allows cable operators to instantly create PCMM-enhanced Web-based content--including streaming media--with minimal integration effort, enabling them to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of consumers and content providers.
It is designed for web server hardware and software vendors who want to test performance, and users seeking performance data for purchasing decisions.
With a newly introduced option for Apache Web Server support and extended support services for Apache Jakarta Tomcat 5.
With his valuable background, Turk will work closely with the Tomcat development team at JBoss, led by Tomcat lead developer Remy Maucherat, to improve integration of the Tomcat servlet engine and the Apache httpd web server.
Renown as being an abundantly rich Web server, one of Apache's key defining features is its rich and comprehensive API, which fosters the development of a wide range of modules.