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a shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies


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Thus, avid Web log readers no longer have to visit umpteen different blogs in order to keep up.
Libraries with their own Web logs are invited to submit their information to the list.
They have taken the data from NASA website server log files and remove the unwanted data to improve the efficiency of the web log data analysing process.
Mining association rules from the web log data are able to provide web owners useful information regarding user behaviour and their navigation or browsing patterns.
This statistic is a non parametric test suitable to distributions that are not normal such as the exponential distributions observed in web usage mining or web log analysis [15].
Buzikashvili (2007) describes the goal of researching through web log data as understanding the behavior of visitors to the site as they browse through pages or search through search engines.
A Web log can open communication with parents and your school community.
A blog (short for web log) is a series of online journal entries to which others may be allowed to respond.
--A senior GOP leadership aide talking to "The Oval," a Web log by Holly Bailey and Richard Wolffe of Newsweek
The issue was highlighted by threats to sue the author behind the Liverpool - Evil - Cabalblog - short for web log - that made a series of allegations about senior Liverpool council figures.
They told of the mix-up on a web log they had used to report on her recovery, saying: "Our hearts are aching."
If anyone else would like to make a donation or just follow my journey through Europe, they can do so by logging on to my web log at http://geoffbikeadventure.blogspot.com or they can call me on 0121-240-8268 0r 07939942165.
So back to these Labour AMs who launched a web log (blog) on the rapidly declining standards of catering.
* blog: short for Web log, a frequently updated journal or newsletter that is available on the Internet.