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With a great crowd of select followers, amongst whom were both the worthy statesmen who had already been there before, he went to the cunning impostors, who were now weaving with all their might, but without fibre or thread.
"Is it not then highly irrational to break the machine-loom and go back to the clumsy and more costly hand-loom method of weaving?" Heads nodded in acquiescence.
Staubli will be presenting its latest solutions for highly efficient weaving and knitting at ITMA, the world's leading trade fair for textile machinery.
Woven basket bags are made of woven fabrics and the process of weaving involves joining individual threads together to make a single piece of material.
Joseph Bernan Corpuz of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) said weaving is intrinsic to Philippine culture.
Vendors at the antiquities market display fine accessories, old household items, pottery, pieces of furniture and weaving product at Kuwait's Friday Market
The weaving course started on December 19last year and comprisesstudents who had decided tospend their winter vacationfruitfully.As a beginner, studentswere taught to weave simplescarf using the traditionalloom and also learn howto prepare warp andweft yarn.
KARACHI -- Former chairman and founder of Pakistan Weaving Mills Association (PWMA), Asif Siddiq has urged the government to facilitate industrialists in setting up weaving units to help boost country's exports.
2018 Art Weaving Festival is taking place at Miaoli City featuring traditional skills with an exhibition, workshops, and talks until Jan.
HONG KONG, Dec 12, 2018 - (ACN Newswire) - Texhong Textile Group Limited ("Texhong Textile" or the "Group"; stock code: 2678), one of the world's largest core spun yarn suppliers, formed a new joint venture company, Texhong Winnitex Holdings Limited ("Texhong Winnitex"), to acquire the entire equity interest in Winnitex Holdings Limited ("Winnitex"), Winnitex Limited ("Winnitex HK") and Zhejiang Qing Mao Weaving, Dyeing, Printing Co., Ltd.
Located in Tra Cu district, two handicraft villages are in Dai An and Ham Giang communes, as well as the sedge mat weaving village in Ham Tan commune.
I have a feeling there are a lot of art teachers who probably don't agree, and I have to say, until I took a few workshops at state art education conferences, I was intimidated by the thought of weaving and fibers in my art room, too.
No doubt, cotton production and weaving represented critical economic elements in Oweland before changes began to set in.
'I have been weaving baskets for a living since I was eight.
The double slotted heddle makes patterned band weaving quicker to learn and easier to do.