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Inabel is a weaving tradition of the Ilocos provinces (Pangasinan, La Union, Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte).
A woman weaving bast fibres from linden trees -- Wikimedia Commons CAIRO -- 27 December 2017: The government has a five-year plan to develop spinning and weaving companies in northern Egypt, Head of the Cotton and Textile Industries Holding Company Ahmed Mostafa said Wednesday.
ANI): Breaking the language barrier, Hemprabha, a weaver from Assam, is weaving Bhagwat Geeta on cloth in English and Sanskirt.
Represented in the Indian textile market since 1947 and established with a company-owned liaison office in India since 1996, Staubli has been an important supplier to numerous local weaving mills for decades.
As Senator Loren Legarda leads the opening of the first Hibla ng Lahing Filipino Travelling Exhibition at the Philippine Embassy in London, she stressed the importance of the project in keeping the Philippine weaving tradition alive.
Expert weaver Margaret Stump draws upon her more than forty years of experience and expertise to provide step-by-step instructions for 25 portable pin loom weaving projects in "Pin Loom Weaving to Go".
Computer historians trace the genesis of the modern computer from computation devices inspired by Joseph-Marie Jacquard's punched card weaving system.
Finger Weaving Scarves & Wraps: 18 Fun, Easy Projects Made Without Loom, Needle or Hook provides easy introductory weaving techniques illustrated with step-by-step color photos, making for a project collection especially accessible to newcomers to weaving.
Bauhaus Weaving Theory: From Feminine Craft to Mode of Design
To this day, much pride goes into the tradition of weaving mats from buri or raffia leaves in Bolinao.
Now, as third-graders, they returned to weaving with yarn, but this time, they chose their color schemes and patterns.
Synopsis: Triaxial weaving is based on three axes, or directions, instead of the two directions used in most Western textiles.
Moreover, the colonial government of Japan banned the Atayal from engaging in their most important socio-cultural activities--facial tattooing, headhunting, and weaving.
His revival of the double ikat of patan patola and the korvai weaving technique on kanjeevaram with traditional 16th century designs is his trademark designer craftsmanship.
Activities of the Museum and Gallery Section: Weaving Workshop in Collaboration with Tanoti (31 March 2013, Tanoti House, Kuching).