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Synonyms for weave

Synonyms for weave

to move back and forth or from side to side, as if about to fall

to move or proceed on a repeatedly curving course

Synonyms for weave

interlace by or as if by weaving

create a piece of cloth by interlacing strands of fabric, such as wool or cotton

sway to and fro


Related Words

to move or cause to move in a sinuous, spiral, or circular course

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The mat weaving machine helped his family weave 10 to 12 sedge mats a day.
You will find that once students learn how to weave, they won't want to stop.
On pages 32 and 33 is a condensed poster version of the Textile Resource Center's Weave Guide, which is suitable for hanging in the dye room, costume, prop, or set shop.
The balanced plain weave glass/epoxy material data come from Lomov.
Watan learned how to weave from her mother at the age of eighteen.
The two articles from hemp have different structure of the weave, see Figure 4.
I recently read your article entitled "The black woman and the beauty myth" and was taken aback by how assertively the author professes to know the entire truth about why black women weave or bleach their skin.
'Was your hair breaking or falling out?" Do they ask the same thing when a woman parades around in her new 12 inch Brazilian weave? No, because, as a woman, the weave would be the more sensible thing to do.
A khes is a patterned and bound double weave cloth.
Forty-year-old Gautam Chandra Das of the village says that he and his siblings were made to sit and weave after school every day by his parents.
This paper presents the influence of weave structure on tensile strength of 3D carbon Fibre woven fabric.
The Grandmother calls to Wild Rose to come learn how to weave, to warp the loom, work the sticks, and weave the fabric.
While continuing to offer the STX Plain Black and STX Hi-Gloss finishes, Safariland now also offers the new STX basket weave finish for all holster and accessory models which are currently available in STX Black.
Wakabayashi teaches saori, a freestyle weaving that has no restrictions on what or how to weave. It's less complicated and easier to learn than traditional weaving; the simplicity of saori enables weavers to improvise endlessly.
Weave the remainder of the strand in and out along the circle you have formed.