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Synonyms for weatherworn

worn by exposure to the weather

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In sculpture, Henry Moore's reclining figures cling fervently to the earth and Barbara Hepworth's carvings summon the swell of waves and weatherworn cliffs.
leaves rustle in the whistling wind, /Around the weatherworn, gray
The scoreboard on the football field is haggard and weatherworn.
These deeply atmospheric, sometimes blurred shots of weatherworn faces and blankly staring fish, often at taken at night, evoke the movement of ships at sea and the slippery textures of a bloody catch.
The show continues with more small black-and-white photographs of bizarre sculptural details discovered by Styrsky on his hunts, in keeping with the principle of "object trouve" and chance encounter: a tombstone, a sad angel on top of an entrance in a courtyard, a Madonna seen through a balustrade, the bust of a woman as a tombstone, her weatherworn stone-face suggesting corrosion and decomposition.
Cecilia Gimenez, 81, apparently took it upon herself to repair the weatherworn painting of Jesus but ended up creating what some have called a "half-bearded monkey face" and others have referred to as "potato Jesus.
Set on the sun-bathed terrace outside a weatherworn stone building, Restaurant La Campanara personified the second Italy that I was experiencing.
After fifteen minutes, dark lines still remained in the indented areas of the weatherworn wood.
Fearsome masks hang from some weatherworn, wooden chalet-facades, offering a second clue (besides Catholicism) of a tradition called Tschaggatta that plays out here in the run-up to Shrove Tuesday--the last day of Carnival before Lent.
The earliest known surviving examples of Judensau are badly weatherworn stone carvings dating from the 13th century.
With the venue bedecked in Dalrymple's wife Olivia Fraser's paintings -- plucked straight from the walls of the couple's home -- Dalrymple settled down to read aloud passages from weatherworn copies of four of his books, some of which he had borrowed from friends.
SHOW OFF SUCCULENTS ON a south-facing patio or hot spot in the garden use weatherworn timber to make a plant stand or table.
Recent reliefs show simple human forms, recalling heavily weatherworn late Roman sculpture; these hint at some kind of dramatic setting, but, again, the original story has been irretrievably buried by time.
There at the top of the hill stood a small, unpainted wooden house with a bare light bulb hanging from a wire over its weatherworn porch.