weather stripping

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a narrow strip of material to cover the joint of a door or window to exclude the cold

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Starting at the top of the door, tack the doorstop weather stripping to the top jamb.
These extensive and labor-intensive measures include: caulking, weather stripping, patching and sealing, fixing pipe penetrations and much more.
The two-component profiles are intended to be easier to recycle than traditional weather stripping, cheaper to make, and to weigh less.
Weather stripping around doors and windows and caulking other seams will help.
Weather stripping withstands air, moisture, and dust infiltration.
Caulking and weather stripping are easy to install.
Use good seals and weather stripping on the doors and windows.
Typical applications include hose, tube and cover stock, profiles, construction profiles, window gaskets, weather stripping and a variety of high-performance molded goods.
You cannot add weather stripping to the Sentinel compartment doors without affecting the EMI shield, which protects the crew and system from RF energy.
Use caulk or weather stripping to stop the little drafts that can increase your energy bill by up to 10%--whether you're trying to keep your house warm or cool.
* Examine window and door flashing, seals, or weather stripping. If sealants around those openings are no longer pliable, re-seal and caulk them.
* On a double-hung unit, the meeting rail should feature interwoven weather stripping and overlap and lock with the sash for a tight seal.
Another aspect of the parts is that they serve as functional parts, as well, channeling rainwater and providing a smooth surface for sealing the doors' weather stripping.
Of lesser viscosity, ZipGrip HVl200 is used for such applications as audio speaker assembly, PCB wire tacking, and affixing gaskets or weather stripping to metal; it bonds porous substrates and fills gaps to 0.008 inch.
For obvious reasons, manufacturers seek ways to ensure that a car's finish re-sists fading, roofing shingles won't degrade, and weather stripping doesn't crack.