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Synonyms for weather

Synonyms for weather

to exist in spite of adversity

Synonyms for weather

face and withstand with courage

cause to slope

sail to the windward of

change under the action or influence of the weather

towards the side exposed to wind


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I don't know how it is, but there always seem to me to be more people, and dogs, and perambulators, and cabs, and carts about in wet weather than at any other time, and they all get in your way more, and everybody is so disagreeable--except myself--and it does make me so wild.
Which reminds me of another phase of the weather that I can't bear, and that is April weather (so called because it always comes in May).
Boots said it was evident that we were going to have a prolonged spell of grand weather SOME TIME, and read out a poem which was printed over the top of the oracle, about
For the man that prophesies us bad weather, on the contrary, we entertain only bitter and revengeful thoughts.
There's just so much dirty weather knocking about the world, and the proper thing is to go through it with none of what old Captain Wilson of the Melita calls 'storm strategy.
A computer glitch has crippled the 57-year-old Pierce College weather station for weeks, forcing fans around the world to forgo their Woodland Hills weather fix.
For the next five years, TRW will serve as prime contractor providing systems engineering, management and sustainment (SEMS) services to consolidate Air Force Weather system contracts to reduce the costs of maintaining individual weather systems.
When Batten, the now-retired chairman of Landmark Communications, announced his company's plan for a 24-hour weather network in 1981, the media and business communities responded with a collective snicker.
A statistical modeling and research company has launched a new online service to provide in-depth information to decision-makers in the embryonic weather risk management market.
Independent companies compiled computer data that predicted, for example, how a single weather system might split into snow and sleet.
USA TODAY readers, both print and online, want instant access to weather news and information for their travel destinations," said Lorraine Cichowski, senior vice president and publisher of USATODAY.
The cutting-edge system is at least 5 years ahead of what's available in any of the more than 50 regional weather offices today, says Lans P.
NEW YORK -- Storm Risk Solutions, a company that helps large and mid-sized corporations manage the financial impact of adverse weather on their cash flow, will debut this spring.
I was happy and surprised - I didn't expect it,'' said Harvey, a Weather Flight staff meteorologist with the 412th Operations Support Squadron.
For one thing, the computer had access to hourly data on upper-atmosphere winds -- information the National Weather Service didn't have.