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an equivocal qualification

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as business' commitment to contribute to sustainable economic development, working with employees, their families, the local community, and society at large to improve their quality of life, an example of defining a meaningless term in meaningless terms, the word sustainable being as much a weasel word as social.
I sent an e-mail to their technical support with a few questions and got back a reply that appeared to be an automated set of weasel words telling me that I could essentially buzz off: I was no longer entitled to such service as my computer was no longer under warrantee.
6 billion years, and Mr Shield should know, because his letter is full of weasel words.
Or is "direct", yet again a weasel word supporting the wind farm scam?
Well sorry, but I'll take the word of an experienced accountant, working in the real world, than the weasel words of a political spin doctor any day.
All we have heard was soundbites and weasel words in an attempt to excuse the problems.
Dodging questions with weasel words and a dishonest "no plans" formula will not do.
Weasel words, George, though weasels aren't involved.
These weasel words are scant consolation for those whose lives were destroyed by his arrogance.
is time, we will no doubt see the usual reliance on PR weasel words rather than genuine debate.
THE MD of Newcastle United will deserve a very small footnote in the sad history of sports industry weasel words by his comments on the behaviour of Papiss Cissse.
Weasel words are those that are twisted or misleading, used to benefit the individual uttering them.
Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith MP said: "The Welsh people know the truth, the Conservatives' only interest in Wales lies in attacking it and no amount of weasel words from the Conservative Party chairman will change that.
Secretary of State John Kerry, are likely sometime this year to culminate in an agreed FAPSthat is, a Framework Agreement for a Peace Settlementbut only by means of studied, deliberate ambiguity: a generous use of weasel words, the allowance of unilateral reservations, a nonbinding status, and the careful avoidance of the more intractable issues.
Oh you're so right Sandra Camwell In everything you say That our teachers don't need pillorying While politicians get away With all their varied misdeeds And all their weasel words A few are brought to book But for most - it's House of Lords