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Synonyms for weasel

one who behaves in a stealthy, furtive way

to use evasive or deliberately vague language

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First, the show brings Screeching Weasel back to its home turf.
The weasel then decided that I was of no real interest and popped into the undergrowth.
RESIDENTS in Buhair Valley have sealed their homes with duct tape and even set up scarecrows amidst an infestation of weasels.
"I accepted what happened and am back in the studio recording to prove to the world that I can still go on," Weasel told Adelle on Kiss FM on Friday.
Scotland's animal welfare charity has been caring for the weasel since he was found in Hallglen at the beginning of the month.
With the fishers' return to the Finger Lakes, we now have five weasel species, with river otter and fisher being the largest, mink in the middle and long- and short-tailed weasels being the smallest.
The technique might make it possible to introduce not just a gene engineered to reduce fertility in, say, an invasive weasel, but also the genes for the CRISPR molecules themselves.
Lesley Allen, 62, who snapped the drama in Peterborough, Cambs, said: "The heron appeared with the weasel on the opposite bank of the River Nene.
The first case was an electrical contractor named Weasel Electric (not his real name).
A mild word of caution: to put this Wild Weasel story in its larger context, Hampton devotes large chunks of his book to the history of the Vietnam war, including a fair amount of what happened in the ground war, primarily in South Vietnam.
Short-tailed weasels in the Pacific states of western North America are the smallest throughout that species' circum-boreal distribution (31-86.5 g), and overlap with the larger long-tailed weasel Mustela frenata (Verts and Carraway 1998).
Weasel words, George, though weasels aren't involved.
ONE of the world's most complex machines has been temporarily immobilised - by a weasel.
Almost exactly two years ago (March 2014), I wrote this column about a dead weasel I had found on the streets of Garden City.
"In my view, the Throne speech was very thin on tangible ways (First Nations are) going to be participating," said Treaty 7 Grand Chief Charles Weasel Head.