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Synonyms for weary

Synonyms for weary

Synonyms for weary

lose interest or become bored with something or somebody

physically and mentally fatigued


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The floor was already strewn with weary sleepers, and the foul air of the place almost repelled him; but the heavy night-dews were chill, and his limbs weary, and, wrapping about him a tattered blanket, which formed his only bed-clothing, he stretched himself in the straw and fell asleep.
Sir, ye shall not so, said Merlin, for the knight is weary of fighting and chasing, so that ye shall have no worship to have ado with him; also, he will not lightly be matched of one knight living; and therefore it is my counsel, let him pass, for he shall do you good service in short time, and his sons, after his days.
Presently she slipped from his arms and bade him begone, for she was weary and would rest.
Receive the weary ones, who have known the vanity of earth,--receive the little children, that they may never learn that miserable lesson.
At last, when his upper lip began to have the down on it, Phoenix grew weary of rambling hither and thither to no purpose.
we are weary of that King of France, Who never comes, but ever talks of coming.
The party who had been sent with the canoes returned on the following day, weary and dejected.
Oh, yes, she was growing old, and secretly weary, and perhaps desperate.
He never said he was attacked by Bedouins, I believe, or was ever treated uncivilly, but then in about every other chapter he discovered them approaching, any how, and he had a blood-curdling fashion of working up the peril; and of wondering how his relations far away would feel could they see their poor wandering boy, with his weary feet and his dim eyes, in such fearful danger; and of thinking for the last time of the old homestead, and the dear old church, and the cow, and those things; and of finally straightening his form to its utmost height in the saddle, drawing his trusty revolver, and then dashing the spurs into "Mohammed" and sweeping down upon the ferocious enemy determined to sell his life as dearly as possible.
And the old river had taken her into its gentle arms, and had laid her weary head upon its bosom, and had hushed away the pain.
I may lay down my weary head now on the mother earth that hushes all her children to rest at last.
My eyes grew weary and began to twitch, but they did not break down.
I am weary of my cheaply won success in the pulpit.
There he enjoyed his spirit and solitude, and for ten years did not weary of it.
Ay, man, ye shall taigle many a weary foot, or we get clear