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Tool wear upon a horizontal feed process: a) downward, b) upward [2]
One must choose: (a) to separate from oneself a portion of the citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, to place them outside the category of citizens, to approve Germany's Nuremburg laws on the seizure of Jewish property and their separation from other citizens, to renounce them as citizens, in no way to associate the justice system and the entire state with them and, finally, to give them over for destruction; or (b) to act the way the King of Denmark did, refusing to separate the Jews from other citizens and the state, and therefore to wear upon one's breast, as the King did, the Jewish Star of David - even if it was something out of the Italian proverb Se non e vero, e ben trovato (Even if it's not true, it's well conceived).
Lucia Newman, Al Jazeera's Latin America editor, citing doctors said most of the miners were physically fit and have reacted remarkably well to sunlight after removing the sunglasses they had to wear upon reaching the surface.
As I saw that they were very friendly to us, and perceived that they could be much more easily converted to our holy faith by gentle means than by force, I presented them with some red caps, and strings of beads to wear upon the neck, and many other trifles of small value, wherewith they were much delighted, and became wonderfully attached to us.
I would I had some flowers o' th' spring, that might Become your time of day; and yours and yours, That wear upon your virgin branches yet Your maidenheads growing: O Proserpina, For the flowers now that, frighted, thou let'st fall From Dis's waggon