wear off

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Synonyms for wear off

deteriorate through use or stress

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Three women sued the cosmetics maker saying its Super Stay 14HR Lipstick and Super Stay 10HR Stain Gloss wear off and fade after only a few hours.
If you repeatedly force the barrel on without doing that, its locking grooves eventually will wear off.
Melatonin's effect starts to wear off at around 8 a.
Our sons say it's still a novelty and the attraction will eventually wear off.
The synthetic insecticides used on the bednets wear off after several months and must be retreated, but there is no program to do so.
After that, it takes one hour for every unit to wear off, if you have drunk eight units or less.
It's a big relief,'' said Gagne, who waited for the post-surgery drugs to wear off, then drove himself to Angel Stadium for Saturday night's game.
Dyskinesia means that for an hour or so after traditional medication is taken, and then as it begins to wear off, the sufferer writhes and twists uncontrollably.
SQUARE PEGS Be patient, and let the awkwardness wear off before determining whether or not a match is successful.
Duracolor will not wash or wear off after repeated cleanings or heavy traffic.