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It may be noted that a tenant is obligated to surrender the possession of the rented apartment to the landlord in the same condition in which he received it at the time of entering into the rental contract, except for the ordinary wear and tear. This is in accordance with Article 21 of the Dubai Tenancy Law which states: "Upon the expiry of the term of the lease contract, the tenant must surrender possession of the real property to the landlord in the same condition in which the he received it at the time of entering into the lease agreement, except for ordinary wear and tear or for damage due to reasons beyond the tenant's control.
Therefore, it is requested to the relevant authorities to make up wear and tear of Faizabad Metro Station to facilitate the routine travellers.
Secretary RTA has sent report to the concerned quarters in this respect that heavy traffic is causing wear and tear in the highways and major roads of Rawalpindi district.
Secondly, a landlord can make deductions from a security deposit if there are damages beyond normal wear and tear on the premises (assuming that the landlord did a proper move-in and move-out inspection).
One area of wear and tear to worry about is my pockets and my patience.
However, we know from experience that, on some occasions at the end of a contract, there can be difficult discussions about what is fair wear and tear to a unit and we wanted to make its assessment as hassle-free and transparent for both the hirer and for ourselves.
That's supposed to cover gas, as well as wear and tear on your car.
co.uk, said: "Wear and tear is always a hot topic of debate and is very much situation dependent.
Visible wear and tear is a clear indication that slings should be removed from service immediately.
He suggested that the current demand on choreographers to shock and awe their audiences has led to "intense, grueling rehearsal schedules" that add to physical wear and tear.
Wear and tear is an outright certainty, so maintaining the breaker is vital to keeping it running at peak efficiency.
That causes too much wear and tear on the SAPI, not to mention the washer and dryer.
Sulfuric acid and the commercial property policy's rust or wear and tear exclusion is the subject.
Applications requiring high abrasion resistance include hydraulic hose systems such as those found in robots or construction machines, where frequent and repetitive motions can cause severe wear and tear. Abrasion and wear can also worsen when hydraulic hoses are laid together in bundles.
Wear, tear and exhaustion: Some types of land improvements are subject to wear and tear due to their nature, such as earthen dams, terracing, drainage ditches, canals and lagoons.