wear and tear

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That's supposed to cover gas, as well as wear and tear on your car.
uk WITH so much confusion among the landlord community about the rules surrounding fair wear and tear, the government authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme - mydeposits.
A breaker that is lubricated properly but operated incorrectly could suffer the exact same wear and tear on the bushings and tool as if there had been no lubrication at all.
167(a) authorizes a depreciation deduction for property used in a trade or business or held for the production of income that is subject to exhaustion, wear and tear.
For depreciation to be allowed, Liddle had to show (1) that the instrument was "of a character subject to depreciation" (under IRC sections 168(c)(1) and 167) and (2) that the instrument actually suffered wear and tear.
While the general trend in mature markets is for declining average mileage in lieu of higher vehicle ownership ratios per household, the ongoing economic stagnation is causing motorists to seek financial savings by substituting vehicle use, thus decelerating their vehicles' wear rates and as a result reducing consumption of wear and tear parts on an annual basis.
You can do this check in three minutes and save the wear and tear on your rifle or carbine that dry firing causes.
Wear and tear has become a major problem among the ranks of the weekend warriors and the overweight.
In determining the taxable value of personal property, most jurisdictions have established depreciation or cost-multiplier schedules, which attempt to take into consideration normal wear and tear based on the standard life for the property.
Achieve revenue growth by understanding the forecast sales of wear and tear parts by country and adjust business development plans to suit.
You should examine your shoes regularly for wear and tear.
But the state Judicial Council ordered the change after determining that tinted windows were not only a safety hazard, but did not count as an automotive problem caused by unavoidable wear and tear, said spokeswoman Lynn Holton.