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A total of 24 teeth of each patient were scored between 0 and 4 according to the severity of tooth wear using tooth wear index.
Wear behaviour investigation of magnesium alloys in the literature is quite limited.
A prospective cohort study was carried out to determine the prevalence of tooth wear in the permanent dentition of a sample of 12 year-old school children and to establish whether an association exists between tooth wear recorded now, and tooth wear recorded in their primary dentition at age five.
6 : to last through long use <The cloth wears well.
The wear is a process with evolution in time and due to occurring of failure in working of gages, machine tools, installations, limited work precision [Kragelsky, 1978].
To determine the optimal conditions of application of the coating for best wear resistance for each of the conditions tested, 12 to 16 castings were poured in two identical molds (Fig.
Well, she doesn't always wear it in the house," I answered, expecting disapproval.
Without lubrication, metal-to-metal contact between the breaker's tool and bushing would cause the bushing to wear out quickly, subsequently exposing the breaker's major components to serious damage.
Cotton is not comfortable to wear in the wintertime because when you perspire, it freezes to your skin and creates a chill.
Armed with this dedication to go above and beyond what's expected of a wear parts provider, Riverside Products is poised to expand its services to the shredding industry and on a few new fronts as well.
Lay presiders at morning or evening prayer may also wear an alb to distinguish them as the leaders of prayer.
Tribology is an interdisciplinary study that deals with the design, friction, wear and lubrication of interacting surfaces in relative motion (ref.
The Masai wear predominantly red garments, because red symbolizes power in Masai culture.
Other news from the conference includes an easy way to monitor screw and barrel wear without extended downtime and an innovative cooling fixture that significantly reduces cycle time.
But his enthusiasm for fighting California's helmet law, a battle in which he has been engaged for seven years "on the streets and in the courts," helps explain a public policy puzzle: While almost every state requires adults to wear seat belts, most do not require them to wear motorcycle helmets, even though riding a motorcycle is much more dangerous than driving a car.