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without a weapon

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It matches pit weaponless players against one another in a death match that continues until only one player remains.
27 It is made evident through words of an armed woman named Zarinain the novel when Qayyum being weaponless entered a house where he was caught by the woman.
Knightscope rather insistently compares its weaponless 5-foot-tall robots to the loveable and heroic R2D2.
229) At the same time, some recent cases have presented scenarios of weaponless killings of vulnerable victims that raise real questions about whether the defendant adverted to the risk of death.
utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=AP) the Associated Press that Cetin went into the mall twice Friday night: once weaponless, and once with a "hunting type" rifle.
The other, recognizing that the need for reform transcends race, is race neutral: police officers should be required to engage in regular and ongoing weaponless martial arts training.
Many skeptics consider weaponless deterrence to be a fanciful ambition, but the crucial seed of the model may already exist.
On that day she says to Chicanas' former oppressors: "here we are weaponless with open arms, with only our magic.
We all would like to believe that we would stay and fight for what is rightfully ours; however, if you are outnumbered and weaponless, what chance do you have against the aggressor?
And in the middle, helping maintain a fragile peace 24/7, are the weaponless Black Watch - armed only with their vigilance, training, diplomacy and witty Scottish banter to help de-escalate any dispute that might arise involving the opposing forces.
Yet still there are those whose compassion lies in ministering to the wounded and battle-weary, like the stretcher bearers of the First World War; weaponless and marked only by a red cross on their sleeve, they would venture directly into the battle-field to retrieve the wounded, coming to the rescue, just at the right time.
weaponless young Palestinians from the rooftop of his family's house at around
The politics of technology and weaponless nuclear deterrence" en Maximilian Mayer, Mariana Carpes y Ruth Knoblich (eds.
The form emerged from the slave culture of 16th-19th century Brazil, where weaponless indentured laborers needed a way to defend themselves.