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make into or use as a weapon or a potential weapon

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He traveled throughout Europe to obtain an anthrax strain and equipment for a laboratory in Kandahar to weaponize the spores.
If the government of Iran maintains the capacity to sprint to weaponize their nuclear program, what you are going to see is a proliferation of other governments wanting to do the same thing," Baird said.
Asked about Iran, Yang said China believed that although the Islamic Republic has the right as a sovereign country to develop nuclear power for peaceful use, Tehran must not weaponize its nuclear program.
government, which paid for the research, has urged scientific journals not to publish details of the work, out of fear that it could enable terrorists to weaponize the virus.
It is the same robot employed by the Army, which has the ability to weaponize it.
It is yet to be convinced that Tehran is on the cusp of achieving the capabilities to highly enrich and weaponize its uranium, or that there is an imminent threat of military confrontation in the Middle East.
Ricin proved difficult to weaponize for an aerosol effect, and where it was not difficult to weaponize, it represented an ethical dilemma.
Coordinating the various voices of opposition will be the only way to block US plans to weaponize space.
Because of this, any move to weaponize space would likely precipitate a response to counter such capability, and weapons in space would indeed be tempting targets for a preemptive attack by an adversary.
He traveled throughout Europe to obtain anthrax spores and equipment for a laboratory in Kandahar to weaponize the spores.
The OPCW confirmed the functional disablement of all Syria's declared production, mixing and filling equipment, which basically means the regime cannot take the chemicals it has and weaponize them, Harf said.
Hagel said US policy remains "preventing the Iranians from acquiring any capability to weaponize.
If Tehran hasn't yet decided to weaponize, as many intelligence experts presume, an attack could certainly make its leaders feel the need to speed up their efforts.
Production in Natanz and Fordo is used to supply a research reactor in Tehran, not to weaponize the material, he said.